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The best way to know what’s inside your leases at all times.

• Save 4 hours per contract processed by your firm

• Decrease Lease Abstraction costs by 95%

• Capture more than 400 data-points at a superior accuracy

Use Zenlaw’s AI for your Due Diligence, Accounting and Audit operations.

Why the best Commercial Real Estate firms choose Zenlaw

98% Accuracy

even better than Paralegals.


average savings in operational costs.

2.5 million

Lease documents processed.

How a leading Retail and Office Real Estate Investor

increased its Portfolio size by automating tasks using Zenlaw

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Due Diligence

Zenlaw helped Georgetown save a month on a 3-months transaction by abstracting the data necessary for Due Diligence instantly

Georgetown was able to review more deals and beat the market by making a decision sooner.

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Georgetown’s accounting team uses Zenlaw to populate their lease administration tool. This reduced their understaffing while increasing the scope of their delivery.

Zenlaw also takes care of reconciliation, comparing Lease terms with ERP data.

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With Zenlaw, Georgetown was able to precisely and instantly find legacy documents failing new compliance requirements.

Now the legal team can take relevant action to remove any regulatory gaps in minutes.

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Zenlaw is the most accurate contract abstraction solution we’ve seen

Nathaniel Mouyal

Zenlaw is helping me save 80% of the time that was spent by my team on manual, repetitive tasks.

VP, Technology and Innovation, A Fortune 500 Company

With Zenlaw, we consolidated all our lease documentation and got an easily searchable, actionable report full of facts.

Global Operations Director, A Leading Large Scale Mixed Use & Office Real Estate Company

We’ve been able to recalibrate our clients’ audit & compliance documentation to align with new regulations with the help of Zenlaw’s contract AI and automation.

Managing Director, Client Services, A Big 4


Zenlaw Connexion

Easily consolidate all your documents

Secure Upload

All Formats, including pictures

Integrates with email, cloud storage, and contract management platforms

Get reports 5% more accurate than ones from paralegals

Choose among 400 data-points

Instant results, save 4 hours per document abstracted

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Turn your data into actions

Download as a spreadsheet to build models

Upload to your lease management software

Compare with your ERP data for reconciliation

Flag specific clauses for audit

Zenlaw Connexion

Harness the potential of data in your contracts.

The best law firms in the US have found Zenlaw’s AI to be the most reliable in the market.

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